[mythtv-users] Re:RE:Ppv.pl filling old data

Dee & Susan 4hands at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 24 23:15:45 EST 2004

  That is good to know. I thought I was losing my mind which isn't too hard. I always wondered if anyone in Mythland was using those tvguideppv or tvgppv scripts. When me and a friend of mine finally got the ppv.pl script ironed out we tried using those but it looks like TVguide has recently changed the way you can receive the data. They are asking for a user name and a password in order for you to look at their listings. So what we concluded is that the scripts would need some kind of code to accept cookies like webpages. Didn't want to fool with it then since we got the ppv.pl working. Sure would be nice to have a backup script.


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