[mythtv-users] Excellent quality TVOUT from almost any video card

papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Sat Jan 24 23:20:15 EST 2004

	Hello all.  I just figured I'd let everyone know that I've almost 
succeeded in my quest to make "perfect" tvout... without a tvout-capable video 
card.  I finished my VGA-Composite/SVIDEO converter board which uses an AD724 
chip to do the conversion... The results are stunning.

	I suspected the NVIDIA card I was using was crappier than it should 
be...turns out I was right.  I think that for the most part, it doesn't matter 
what resolution you run a tvout-capable card at, they tend to suck.  This 
is mostly due to the scanline conversion it has to do, but also because of the 
deinterlace it typically does as well.

	The board doesn't do anything except convert from RGB/HV to Y/C NTSC 
video.  The good/bad thing is you program the video card to produce 
honest-to-goodness NTSC (or PAL if you prefer) H/V timings at 29.97 Hz 
interlaced.  The VGA monitor croaks at it, but the chip converts to a true NTSC 
signal on either composite or svid.  Results look as good or better than 
directly from a dvd player (on svid, anyway).

	Once I get the bugs worked out, I'll post the info.

	One other software-related bug, but I'll post another message on 


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