[mythtv-users] Ppv.pl filling old data

tarek Lubani tarek at tarek.2y.net
Sat Jan 24 22:12:08 EST 2004

Hey Tom!

I'm not sure of the exact details of this, but let me tell you: this has 
happened several times before..

In the end, it was that Jpags (the supplier of the data) had gone on 
vacation or whatever, which lead to no more updates.. I suspect that if 
you diff the file that ppv.pl uses right now, you would see that it will 
be the same tomorrow as it was last week.. So, solutions?

1. Wait it out.. Jpags usually comes back..

2. Talk to the canadians.. The Canadian Tivo people made a script to 
scrape the TV Guide listings for PPV info, and I wrote a quick little 
script to enter that data into Myth (it was called tvguideppv or tvgppv or 
something and is on the same server).. This script presumably has not been 
updated like the ppv.pl, so it may need some work..

I'm unfortunately not using these scripts anymore (our dish points right 
at a tree), so that's the end of that for me.. but if you need any support 
with it, I'll do what I can..

tarek : )

> My ppv.pl is filling old data in the database???? It was working fine
> but now fills data for the 20th back.  I checked the system time/date
> and ppv.pl 1 does delete the data for ppv channel and ppv.pl 2 fills in
> the data but it is outdated????
> Any ideas?
> Tom Jaeger
> Network Engineer
> HTTP://www.NetworksInstalled.com
> 561 305-6232 

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