[mythtv-users] Weird video problem

Philip J. Morrison, Jr. pjmorr at intrasection.com
Sat Jan 24 18:22:09 EST 2004

That sounds great!  I have searched all over trying to find 9.11 in some
format other than just a .tar file.  When I try to compile the tar file I
get some kind of error and figured there ought to be some kind of rpm or
something for a Fedora Core 1 system.  I will continue to try to compile the
older version but if someone out there knows where a rpm file is for 0.9.11
I would appreciate knowing where it is.


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Philip J. Morrison, Jr. wrote:
> It doesn't matter if I am using live TV or recorded TV but one out of 
> every 4 channel changes my video goes a dark red.  Kind of like 
> macrovision protection you see on some DVD or VCR tapes.  Once it does 
> this I have to exit the show and go back in.  This doesn't always fix 
> the problem though.  Any ideas? 

This happened to me often with bttv-0.9.12. In fact, it could
even screw up during a recording so any 3 hour sport was
almost sure to have screwy colors by the end. The fix for me
was to roll back to bttv-0.9.11. Haven't seen it since.

--  bjm

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