[mythtv-users] mythgame xmame video and joystick

Bill Bradley wbradley at bham.rr.com
Sat Jan 24 16:43:49 EST 2004

At the console do:

ps -ef|grep xmame

then do:

cat /proc/"PID"/cmdline 

where "PID" is the PID for xmame returned from the ps command

Bill Fasbinder wrote:

>To begin with I've got to tip my hat to all of the developers of the MythTV
>suite.  Everyone who's ever seen my mythbox in action has been completely
>impressed. Thanks to all of you!
>One of the main functions I wanted from my mythical TV box was the ability to
>play my collection of mame ROMs. I was pleased to find that I was able to use
>the mythgame mame interface right out of the box. There are a couple of
>problems tho. The game is not rendered fullscreen and my joystick is detected.
>I've scoured the mail archives for this list and have found that my first
>problem does not seem uncommon.
>My last problem is that, I have to restart mythfrontend in order to make
>in config/game take effect. This is not really all that annoying, but it took
>me a while to realize that my changes were not taking effect. D'oh!
>I am running on a PIII 1 Ghz, It is a Fedora Core 1 system using ATRPMS. It was
>build priciply using the fine howto by Jarod Wilson. I'm using a Matrox GeForce
>5600XT video card. It's got a PVR250.
>I used GXMame to explore xmame performance and capabilities. I found that
>xmame.xgl produces the best quality video performance. the only change I had to
>make to the rendering section of the gxmame configuration was to add a .1 to
>the end the the gllib and glulib library definition. I spose I could have used
>a link but whatever....  
>Using the refrences in the archive of this list I hit "M" (or the menu button
>my grey hauppage remote) when in the rom selection screen to change some of the
>global mame options. I selected the appropriate joystick type (i386 style for
>me). I set the binary to xmame.xgl and Under "extra options" I've tried to
>specify my joystick device (-jdev /dev/js0) and point to the correct libs from
>above (-gllib libGL.so.1 -glulib libGLU.so.1) I've specified fullscreen as
>At this point, with these options, and a fresh restart of mythfrontend (all
>other functions are working) I get a quick flash of a window where normally
>you'd see ROM loading progress. I'm assuming whatever command mythgame is
>running here is failing. Unfortunately there is no trace of failure in the
>logfile for mythbackend or the console output of mythfrontend.
>By changing the "Mame binary location" to xmame and restrarting mythfrontend.
>leave all other options the same) I again find myself with a small display and
>no joystick.
>Is there a way to find out exactly what command mythgame is running here? I
>don't mind tweaking the command line until I've got what I'm looking for, but I
>don't know how to confirm that the options I'm trying to specify are getting
>passed to the command. 

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