[mythtv-users] Tried but still stuck with video jitter pvr-250. Help appreciated.

Richard S anewbeginning2004 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 24 12:11:41 EST 2004

I am at a total loss here maybe someone can help. I have tried a few things 
to isolate the problem and it just seems that my software encoding is the 

MythTV System:
gentoo linux
Leadtek Geforce 2 GTS 32 meg (for s-video output)
1.2ghz Duron with an Epox 8kta2 (yes a via KT133 chipset)
CPU temps belo 50'C
PSU Antec true power 380W

My Hdd hdparm -t /dev/hda comes out 41 kbits/sec and DMA is enabled

This is what I have done to isolate my problem unfortunately I find the 
problem seems to be in my encoding/recording not my playback system. Here is 
my status:

Drivers and SW being used:

MythTV CVS 1/4/2004
IVTV 0.1.9
NVTV 0.4.5
PVR-250 firmware 1.7 (used file pvr_17_21288.exe from Hauppauge siite)
nvidia driver-kernel 1.0.5328

Testing I have done:

After recording I used mplayer and Mythtv to play the recorded file on my 
mythtv system using the s-video out to the TV. The jitter (bad) and picture 
quality (good) are the same on playback.

I then transfered the file to another PC and using mplayer I viewed the 
recording on my PC monitor (no TV out) and found the picture quality (good) 
and jitter (bad) the same as when viewed on my mythTV box. Seems like this 
rules out my playback system and the nvidia drivers not sure though.

Here is what I found with the record system and it does not seem to make 
sence so my hope is that someone will have an idea as to what is wrong.

I tried different bitrate settings and all that does is change the picture 
quality the jitter is equivalently bad at all settings. The following I am 
reporting are all done with a bitrate setting of 6000 and a maximum of 15000 
set using Mythtv menu. Mpeg2-PS and DVD steam was used also with the same 

352x480 - absolutely horrible jitters so bad it stops at times and flashes a 
double image
480x480 - very bad jitter not usable
640x480 - jitter is quite obvious but usable
720x480 - about the same as 640x480 maybe a little worse hard to tell.

Any ideas and help appreciated.

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