[mythtv-users] Re:looks like ananova pulled the plug on tv_grab_uk

Paul Webster paul at spidersweb.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Jan 24 07:56:45 EST 2004

If anyone wants to get Scheduled recordings from DigiGuide into mythtv then
I am happy to help.
(I did similar thing for users of hacked TiVo).

As others have said - getting the raw listings data out of DigiGuide (for
more than half a day or so) is a no-no.

The Broadcasting Data Services site that is probably to be used next by
XMLTV is the same source as used my nearly all of the commercial offerings
in the UK. Once they start getting hit with hundreds of end-user FTP GETs
then I suspect that they might just change their terms.

DigiGuide does some enrichment of the listings content for some of the
programmes (like adding star ratings, actors, series and episode details)
but most others simply regurgitate as is.

The basic problem is that a full set of UK listings costs around 15K GBP per
year.  So people like DigiGuide, MS with their Media Center, onthebox etc
etc have to have a  model to recoup their outlay.

My own suspicion is that the best way in the future will be for the TV tuner
cards to capture the EPG data that is broadcast ... and then have software
to capture/view etc
I haven't looked closely at mythtv to see if it has modules to do this, but
I do know that there is software around that can for some of the satellite

Paul Webster (DABDig -
http://www.spidersweb.freeserve.co.uk/dab/dabdig.htm )

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