[mythtv-users] Re:RE: mythtv-users Digest, Vol 12, Issue 103

Richard Doherty dohertyr at research.panasonic.com
Fri Jan 23 12:16:24 EST 2004

>>> I patched my installation to do exactly this behavior -- 
>>> if you choose live tv and it's recording something, it simply 
>>> starts to playback whatever is being recorded. I never 
>>> submitted it as an official patch because Isaac was 
>>> clear that he didn't like that behavior (email of August 6, 
>>> 2003). I can send it to you if you like, though it's a pretty 
>>> trivial change. 

>For reference: 

>> I like that behavior a lot. How about if it did an OSD stating 
>> you are watching a recording in progress and the channel 
>> can't be changed or something of that nature? 

>I think the proposal that Isaac made long ago was a great one. 
>Instead of a screen which just says "sorry", it can list each 
>in-progress recording, with an additional option to go to the 
>watch-recordings screen. It might also have an option to surf the 
>program guide. 

>I'm sure Isaac is still waiting for the patch. :) 

Exactly.  Isaac wanted different behavior than I did -- I always
wanted the livetv button to go right to TV, not to another screen.
so I did it my way and didn't submit the patch -- that's one
reason open source is so great.

Also, as one poster suggested, I would like the OSD to display a
nice icon indicating it is currently recording the show.  Then
if you changed channel, it would put up a pop-up pointing out it
was in the middle of recording, and asking if you wanted to 
end the current recording and then change channel, or continue
recording.  I have many years of Tivo in my blood, and there are
just a few behaviors (like this one) that I prefer the Tivo way.

However, my examination of the code made it look like this would
require an entirely new recording mode, so it seemed like way more
trouble than it was worth for a patch I knew would not be accepted.


P.S. Let me apologize for the stupid subject line.  The digest even
reminds you not to do this in the third line, so I'm a double dork.

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