[mythtv-users] Tuner Card w/ Svideo Inputs & PCI Sound Transfer

David Jeske jeske at chat.net
Fri Jan 23 04:40:39 EST 2004

-- Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
> you are right in that the limiting factor would be
> disk throughput. I suspect you might hit a bottleneck
> there... that's an awful lot of data to be writing at once.
> Also, you need to leave some room for playback read
> access; even if your frontend(s) is/are on another machine(s),
> the stream still needs to be read from disk. Time to do
> some disk access/throughput calculations!

If you need extra disk throughput, you can either use the LVM, or
external raid cards. I've had good experiences with ide raid cards
from 3ware.


You can increase streaming rate by striping, and with some setups
(3ware included) you can increase seek performance with mirroring
(although it takes 2x the disk space).

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