[mythtv-users] looks like ananova pulled the plug on tv_grab_uk

John Morris jmorris at beau.org
Thu Jan 22 21:28:27 EST 2004

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Adrian Gomez wrote:

> Read here, I don't believe that you can get a better answer.
> http://forums.digiguide.com/topic.asp?id=12333

I think the only way to ever get listings is to think outside the box.  No 
aggregator wants to deal with folks like us because they a) don't consider 
us a viable market, b) fear we eventually compete with them and/or c) they 
assume we are thieving scum who would instantly setup some sort of 
redistribution network for their precious "IP".

Where we should probably be focusing our letter writing is the individual
broadcasters.  All now have a webpage, most have program listings on those
pages.  If they would make their program information available in a
standard format (RSS feed?) it would be simple enough to aggregate it
ourselves.  TBS wants eyeballs watching their programming and probably
finds dealing with the middlemen who distribute their listings an annoying
cost of doing business.  To them the information isn't 'precious', it is
ADVERTISING. So why should they resist the notion, other than the bother
of implementation.

I'm sure some broadcasters have incestuous relations with the providers
of listings, but if a critical mass implemented a standard scheme they
would be forced to follow.

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