[mythtv-users] Re: Echostar, lirc & actisys 200l

Jason Miller jasonmiller at micron.com
Thu Jan 22 15:05:11 EST 2004

On 21/01/04 00:04 -0500, Frank Linhares wrote:
> Here I go.
> I've spent the entire day reading up on getting lirc to work with my 
> echostar dp301 receiver, and I've just come short of whipping 
> everything against the wall.
> I've tried the scripts in the remotes package, the jvc_send and jvc_raw 
> and still no go.  The best I can get is the 200l can send the numbers 1 
> & 4, when it feels like it.
> Has anyone yet successfully been able to get the actisys 200l to change 
> the channels on an echostar box ?  And if so, can you please share in 
> the secret on how to go about doing so.
> Thanks
> frank.linhares

IIRC, the Actisys is a fixed frequency transmitter which can't handle the
very picky protocol the Echostar Receivers use.  

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