[mythtv-users] SAA7133 angst!

Derek Watson Derek.Watson at intergen.co.nz
Thu Jan 22 14:55:17 EST 2004

Does the card have the traditional RF tuner enclosed in a metal case or
is this missing?

I recently acquired a couple of flyvideo platinum cards (SAA7135) which
advertised as the replacement for the flyvideo 3000, but found that they
don't work in linux yet. The problem is that a new philips all silicon
tuner/encoder chip combination is being used instead of the old analogue
RF components. The SAA7134 driver obviously doesn't know how to turn on
the encoder or drive the tuner.

If this is the case, I don't think you'll get it working for some time.
I returned the cards in the end and exchanged them for bog-standard
flyvideo 3000 cards which work great.


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I picked up a FlyVideo 3100, SAA7133-based card for my MythTV box
afterwards, and I've tried a whole bunch of things but I can't get this
card to work.

mythbackend crashes when I choose 'watch TV', leaving the following
lines in the log file:

2004-01-20 17:13:17 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV Unknown video
codec: open: Device or resource busy
open: Device or resource busy

and, xawtv simply won't show any video - it gives me a blank screen, and
in the shell window where I start xawtv it shows a whole bunch of ioctl
errors (i can't remember offhand what they are unfortunately.. overlay
problems i think) in its window.

dmesg reveals an interesting line, which is repeated...
tuner: TV freq (268435455.93) out of range (44-958)

I'm running Gentoo, with a vanilla-sources 2.4.24 kernel and the kraxel
v4l2 patch from bytesex.org applied. I've tried the snapshot video4linux
patch too, still no joy.

I'm inserting the module as follows:

modprobe tvaudio
modprobe tuner
modprobe saa7134 card=2 tuner=2 (which corresponds to the FlyVideo 3000)

Any hints/suggestions/past experience from anyone? thanks.

- GM
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