[mythtv-users] Help!, DVB kernel loclup

Simon at the Threshold dweller at the-threshold.org
Thu Jan 22 13:22:39 EST 2004

My system locks up on a regular basis no logs just locks up.

Its a Athlon 2.4ghz Duron a a Abit KV7 motherboard running fedora core 1 

Anyone have any tips on tracking this one down, it problem appears to be 
when the drivers are opened. I've had not hassle with them loaded 
(modprobe or insmod) or even leaving a dvbstream going for a couple of 
days. But if I leave a script opening and closing them it tends to go 
within 15 mins.

Does anyone have a modules.conf or a insmod script I can compare with my 

The only reference I can see on the web to this is


Which does kind of knacker my attempts at creating a home pvr system 
until the kernel problem is resolved..

Thanks in advance.


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