[mythtv-users] looks like ananova pulled the plug on tv_grab_uk

David Rees drees at greenhydrant.com
Thu Jan 22 12:47:57 EST 2004

Richie Jarvis wrote, On 1/22/2004 8:50 AM:
> If the data comes from webpages - then it is cached all over the place - 
> and if it is cached all over the place, then surely we could provide a 
> cache in xml format?  All we need to do is make the cache available to 
> other mythtv users.......  They may even thank us, as we wouldn't be 
> ripping their site to shreads anymore!

This is a great idea.  Something that should be integrated into xmltv so 
that any program which uses xmltv will benefit from the caches.  I'd bet 
that this has been bought up before at xmltv...


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