[mythtv-users] Problem fitting mythtv to screen

hpoley at dds.nl hpoley at dds.nl
Wed Jan 21 16:50:19 EST 2004

Citeren Michael J Luich <mjluich at fastmail.fm>:

> Hi everyone. Loving mythtv, Just got it hooked directly up to my new 
> plasma screen and can't get mythtv to scale right. It ends up sitting 
> centered and too big. I'm using fvwm2 and am at a complete loss. any 
> suggesstions?

You might start by describing your VGA card, type of connection (SVideo, VGA or 
DVI?) and maybe the screen itself (what resolution is it suppoed to work at?). 
Without such info we can't help.

    Henk Poley

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