[mythtv-users] I Had it... For a little while

David Brieck Jr. myth at brieck.com
Wed Jan 21 15:25:34 EST 2004

Chance Grissom wrote:

> Ok Here it is.
> I just finally set up my myth box 2 days ago.  I tested it, it worked 
> fine and I left it alone. Yesterday I started tweaking it trying to get 
> the transcoder working full time, it didn't seem to work.
> Watching 'live tv' is not a problem however whenever I have a scheduled 
> recording it records the first 19 or so secs of the program and stops. 
> Also when I go into 'delete recordings' and try to delete the messed up 
> shows it loses connection with the backend.
> I really dont know what I did wrong.   I tried tuning off all the 
> transcoding options thinking that is what it was but no dice.  (I guess 
> that doenst really make sense because it doesnt transcode till after the 
> program is finished anyways)   Is there like a reset options button or 
> does some know what I did wrong?
> I have a PVR 250 running mytv .13
> Thanks in advance,
> Chance

Are there any error messages from the backend? You might try running it 
in a consol window for debugging purposes with the -v option. Is there 
enough space on the hard drive? I haven't seen myth only record like 
this. With live tv, are you able to go back further than 19 seconds, is 
it working if you pause tv and come back in a few minutes?

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