[mythtv-users] ASTRA DVB Settings

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Wed Jan 21 12:36:16 EST 2004

Twoways wrote:
> Hello, 
> i hope here is someone that has a running setting for DVB and Astra. 
> I'm using the actualy CVS Source, and so far so good i typed 
> in a channel in the channel Editor, of course i'm confused
> what where is needed. 
> So now my question. Can someone tell me exaples or screenshots? 
> Maybe a sql extract? 

Nope, but some hints is ok :)

> At the moment backand tells me: (12 is the channel of ARD) 
> DVB#0 Using DVB card 0, with frontend Zarlink MT312. 
> DVB#0 ERROR - Could not find dvb tuning parameters for 
> channel 12 with id 
> 1000. 
> DVB#0 ERROR - Failed to get channel options for channel 12. 

You have an error in your database, more specifically:
You have probably not entered any info on the dvb screens in the
channel editor.

> What the hell means it with id 1000 ???? 

It's an automagically generated internal channel identification number.

> great work so far ;) 

I'm not sure which channel this is, but guessing.
Open this channel in the editor, and type in the following info:
[Go to this page: http://www.satcodx2.com/0192/uke/ and search for
frequency to find it.]

Channel name: ARD Das Erste
Frequency: 11.837
Polarity: H
Symbol Rate: 27500
Fec: 3/4
Video Pid: 101
Audio Pid: 102
Service ID: 1101

Also, if you look at the helptext (box at bottom) when moving around
in the editor, you will see what belongs to which cardtype (DVB-T/S/C).

Hope that helps.


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