[mythtv-users] German EPG provider found

Johannes Niess linux at johannes-niess.de
Wed Jan 21 05:44:43 EST 2004

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Am Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2004 11:04 schrieb Thomas Becker:
> On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Aqua wrote:
> > I found a way to import german epg from Hoerzu.de into MythTV. Emanuel
> > Wontorra wrote a java program to grab the infos from their html-pages and
> > generate xmltv-files.
> This saves a lot of work: I had started to code something similar grabbing
> info from KLACK ( http://www.klack.de ).
> > You get the program of the next seven days with description. Here you can
> > look at the program infos which will be parsed:
> > http://www2.hoerzu.de/text/tv-programm/sender.php
> The question remains the same: will they be happy with us mythtv users
> downloading tv guide data from their site? They make their money selling
> that data in printed magazines after all.

They offer a service and we use it. The script should be polite on their 
server load by e. g. waiting 1+rnd*10 seconds between page retrivals.

Another issue is the mythtv database design. It couples one xmltv id to one 
frequency. That makes it difficult to switch xmltv providers. I wish we could 
have the correct dependencies. (frequency N:1 station 1:N xmltv sources). 
Sometimes even multiple stations time share the same frequency.

Johannes Nieß
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