[mythtv-users] please explain "transcode after recording"

Michael mailinglists at fuzzymonkey.org
Tue Jan 20 22:33:46 EST 2004

I have a slow system (1Ghz) and can only capture and watch a RTjpeg.  A
30 min. show takes up almost 1GB.  I want to be able to have it
automatically transcode the video to MPEG4 and delete the RTjpeg but I
don't understand how to do this.

First, if I edit the "default profil"e setting and check the "transcode
after recording" what does that do?  Does it transcode it to the
settings that I specify in the "default profile"?  If so, I don't
understand because I thought it was already going to use those settings
for the default profile even if I don't check that box.  My assumption
was that whatever I put in the default profile is what it uses when it
records TV unless I choose a different profile.

The other thing that I am wondering about is the transcoding profiles. 
THere is one for RTjpeg/MPEG4.  Perhaps I am supposed to check the
"transcode after recording" in the default profile which will then make
it look in the transcode profiles to see what to do with a RTjpeg
file.   In that case it would use the transcoding/RTjpeg profile to
transcode my default profile'ed file after it was done.  That would mean
that I check the box in the default profile but not the transcode

As you can tell I am kinda confused.

Last, when does it do this transcoding?  Does it do it immediately after
recoding the show?  What if it is set to record the show immediately
following it?  The capture of the second show would surely suffer if
that is the case.

Thank you in advance for the help,

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