[mythtv-users] HDTV - PVR: Does it work?

Ian Neubert ian at ianneubert.com
Tue Jan 20 18:51:05 EST 2004

Andrew Dodd [atd7 at cornell.edu] wrote:
>You'll need a better video card and possibly a faster Athlon to think about
>using the pcHDTV...  Software decoding of HDTV (even with motion
>and IDCT acceleration by the vid card) pushes modern CPUs to their limits.

Yikes. Lol. I do have another box that I could use for a frontend, a P4 3
GHz w/1 gig of ram and an ATI 9800XT. Am I right in thinking that my
lower-ish(!) end Althon 2400+ could handle the stream captures of the
pcHDTV? Then the question is can a 100 meg switched network handle streaming
of an HDTV stream and also will my faster box be able to decode it?

>I also made the mistake of buying an MDP-100...  DIE TERALOGIC DIE!!!

Seriously, I don't get why this thing is so freakin expensive either. To its
credit though the MDP-120 has a good HDTV tuner, I was able to get perfect
picture & sound when it claimed 30% signal strength.

>Too bad the developer of the TL880 Linux driver had to go on vacation or
>something.  TL880 driver development has been halted until late 2005 or
>someone else takes over the driver.  :(

>Theoretically IF the TL880 driver were finished (at least to the point of
>able to record the transport stream), it could be used just like the pcHDTV
>perform recordings and then display in software.  Or you could use the
pcHDTV to
>capture and the TL880 to display on a lower-end machine.

I'm going to return this hunk of junk tomorrow, and just eat the $60
restock-fee. :( But at least I still can. I hope someone takes up that
project and gets some usable drivers for you!


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