[mythtv-users] Basic concepts question

fsquires fsquires at fastmail.fm
Tue Jan 20 09:26:20 EST 2004

On Jan 20, 2004, at 7:13 AM, Albert Santoni wrote:

> Janek Hellqvist wrote:
>> stan <stanb at panix.com> wrote:
>>>>> A master backend controls one or more slave backends.
>>>> OK, so what does the master backend do that the slave's don't do?
>> It records shows, right? AFAIK, the slaves just display recorded 
>> content -
>> it's the backend that does the actual recording.
> It's the frontends that just display recorded content/live tv streams.
> I believe slave backends can do recordings too (otherwise they 
> wouldn't be a backend.)
The Master backend controls the slave backends (tells them what to 
record and when).  I believe the recordings of the slaves are stored 
with the master's recordings, but I'm not sure, since I only have one 

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