[mythtv-users] For author of mythmusic: idea of multiple instances

Robert Rozman rozman at fri.uni-lj.si
Tue Jan 20 05:49:23 EST 2004


I have multiple sound cards as house audio system. I'd love to control all
of them from Mythmusic interface. What are chances to do that ?

Could we somehow be able to run multiple instances of mythmusic in mythtv
with different settings ?

Is this a lot of work ?

The best would be to specifyt mythmusic1, mythmusic2, ... each with its own
output settings - or maybe have same UI and just multiple outputs... (you
specify them somewhere on the screen)...

Also this could be extended to mythvideo also: to control your normal mythtv
output and put some cartoons for kids on pvr 350 TV out (currently there are
problems with running whole mythtv on it - if I understand right with mpeg2
movies it goes well...)



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