[mythtv-users] Cant load ivtv

John Barton kaffine at comcast.net
Mon Jan 19 18:00:40 EST 2004

I did make install on both the driver
and util directory, and then edited the
modules.conf, did depmod -a and it wouldn't
load.  I compiled with the 2.4.22-26 kernel
source (Mdk 9.2 srpm, from mdk mirror), and
am using a slightly modified 2.4.22-21 kernel
(only keyboard.h I believe) because I am using
an HP de200c as my box, and I needed to have
the remote and front panel buttons work(they
come in as non-standard keyboard inputs).

I guess I can try getting a kernel source
rpm for 2.4.22-21 and compile using
that after I make clean.


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At 02:29 PM 1/19/2004 -0800, John Barton wrote:

>I m trying to get ivtv to load, but it wont
>let me because modprobe cannot locate
>module ivtv.  I have added the appropriate
>lines to modules.conf and modprobed the
>necessary other modules anyway( as per the
>ivtv instructions), but it tells me the same
>thing either way.  Anyone know why
>this is?

Because you did something wrong, or left some step out. Since your 
description of what you did is so vague, we're pretty luch left to guess

what that something is.

I'd *guess* that after you compiled the ivtv module with an appropriate 
"make" command, you then did not do a "make install". Or perhaps your 
kernel source tree does not match your working kernel (even a difference
EXTRAVERSION affects this), so the compiled ivtv module was not put in
right modules directory. Or maybe you forgot to run "depmod -a" before 
trying the modprobe. Any of these mistakes *could* produce the error you

say you saw, if I read that part right.

Like I said, though , just guessing.

I just installed ivtv myself on a non-Myth system (for testing with one
the PVR250 lookalikes recently sold on eBay) . I found the instructions
the ivtv site and in the tarball quite hard to follow, easy to miss or 
botch steps. OTOH, the example in the MythTV HowTo (way down near the
look for it) was clear as glass ... even the adaptations from Mandrake 
(which it was written for) to Debian (which I use) were trivial to
out. You might try again, this time following Robert's instructions
than the actual ivtv ones, and see if it helps.

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