[mythtv-users] Import MP3 collection into MythMusic?

Rob Rosenfeld rosenfeld at alum.mit.edu
Sun Jan 18 14:57:57 EST 2004

I'm not sure if you're married to myth music, but there are probably better
OSS projects if you just need an MP3 jukebox.  I recommend Netjuke.  There
are simpler ones like andromeda, kplaylist, zina, jinzora.  Once running,
you can get to them from any browser.


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Got fed up with XP and converted my PC jukebox to Linux and Myth.

Plan on adding TV tuner later, but for now need to get my MP3 collection
recognized by MythMusic. It was originally saved in RealJukebox and is using
Artist/Album/track-title directory structure. 

After moving the files into /myth/music and running a "scan for music" it
only recognizes a file stored as track-title - no album info .


Is their a simple, easy, newbie-friendly way to get MythMusic to recognize
these files? 


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