[mythtv-users] Will I regret ditching my GF4MX?

Bborie Park bkpark at ucdavis.edu
Fri Jan 16 16:08:41 EST 2004

If you happen to have a radeon 8500 or higher series card, the ati 
drivers from ati do support tv out -- or so they say.  I haven't had the 
time to test it out on my 9700, but I will later tonight.

-- bborie

Bruce Markey wrote:

> Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
>> On Thursday 15 January 2004 23:20, David jeske wrote:
>>> -- Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
>>>> So, my main question is this: if I go with the Pundit or some
>>>> uATX board with on-board (non-Nvidia) TV-out, will I miss
>>>> my GF4MX?
>>> I'm still trying to figure out exactly what ideal machine to
>>> assemble, and from my research in the archives it seems like the SiS
>>> 315 is one of the few tvout choices which has control of overscan
>>> which generally works.  NOTE: I don't _have_ one of these, I'm just
>>> reporting what I found.
>>> I'm currently running with a GF4MX, but I can't get overscan. I hear
>>> it used to work in earlier drivers, but even then that the max 1.0
>>> setting often wasn't enough.
>>> Anyhow, my current chart looks like:
>>> SiS 315: no company support, open source drivers, overscan support
>>> NVidia (GF4MX,others): robust vendor supplied drivers, medicore
>>> overscan support if any
>>> PVR-350 : bleeding edge, high cpu usage when outputting anything but
>>> mpeg2, proper overscan
>>> ATI Rage/Radeon: atitvout is not in development and only works on a
>>> handfull of chips
>>> S3 savage: reports of video windows not appearing on tvout
>>> This may be wrong, so YMMV.
>>> - David
>> Thanks for the summary.  Incidentally, you need *exactly* the -4363 
>> version of the Nvidia drivers to get overscan on the GF4MX.  AFAIK, 
>> it's only tweakable in XF86Config (i.e., no program like nvtv to play 
>> around with -- at least, not in the 4363 drivers).  I've been 
>> generally quite satisfied with my overscan capabilities.
> More FYI for ATI, "atitvout" does not cause TV-out to work.
> It is a small utility for resetting parameters after TV-out
> works. TV-out requires the 'devel" branch of ati.2 CVS from
> GATOS. So, in a sense TV-out is 'only in "devel"opment' ;-)
> even though it is true that there is no on-going development.
> AFAIK, the TV-out for the "devel" code works for almost all
> cards, however, some people report they have this card and
> do the wrong thing and other report they have that card and
> do the right thing.
> There is only a small amount of info to keep track of for ATI
> cards but it is often mis-understood and mis-represented :-(.
> --  bjm
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