[mythtv-users] Jumpy playback with PVR-250?

David jeske jeske at chat.net
Fri Jan 16 13:46:07 EST 2004

-- Scott Pouliot wrote:
> Alright....well it's definitely not a CPU issue then. I've got a
> console window running on Desktop 1 in KDE...and Myth
> playing Live TV on Desktop 2. I can hear it skipping, but
> the CPU usage is as follows:
> 2.7% user 1.7% system 0.0% nice 0.0% iowait 96.6% idle

When I first brought up mythtv, it would stutter once every 2-3
minutes, even though it was 80% idle.

I just changed the command I used to run the frontend to:

nice -10 mythfrontend

I think some of the services running as root (i.e. mysql,
mythbackend) like to take extra cpu time, even when they don't need
it to remain real-time. The frontend on the other hand needs higher
priority scheduling because it has to do work on a strictly periodic
See if boosting the priority of the frontend fixes your problem.

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