[mythtv-users] tv_grab_nl & mythfilldatabse

hpoley at dds.nl hpoley at dds.nl
Fri Jan 16 12:02:28 EST 2004

Busy setting up mythtv in holland, bumping into undocumented-land. Creating this 
mail to at least try to wrap my head around possible solutions. At first I 
thought the first number you enter when you run 'mythfilldatabase --manual 
--xawchannels 1 multikabel.txt' is the number you enter on your 'remote'. It's 
obviously not, but I'm not really sure what order it is now. Is this number the 
same thing as used in tv_grab_nl.config? Or is it stringmatched? If so, which 
string, the long or the short one?

So tidbits.

.xawtv, XawTV/MoTV/fbtv config file:
[unknown (E6)]
channel = E6
#freq = 191.500
channel = E7
# + 2250MHz / 62,5 => +36
fine = +36

Does 'mythfilldatabase --xawchannels ..' use the order of this file? Why can't 
you bind them to a 'european style' channel number? Why doesn't mythfilldatabase 
convert the 'freq=' automaticly? Why can't mythtv just simple store this (M)Hz 

channel 12
#channel 13
channel 1 Nederland 1
channel 2 Nederland 2
channel 3 Nederland 3
channel 31 RTL 5
What does the order tell (4 = RTL 5?)? The 'channel number' is the 'id' of the 
channel on tvgids.nl, isn't it?

   Henk Poley <><

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