[mythtv-users] MythVideo IMDB lookup fails (Myth 0.13, Debianunstable)

Tim Harvey tharvey at alumni.calpoly.edu
Thu Jan 15 23:31:31 EST 2004

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> On Thursday 15 January 2004 10:08 pm, Tim Harvey wrote:
> > I'll take a look at this as I was the one that submitted the patch
> > enable redirects.  I know that occasionally IMDB changes its format
> > which causes the need for a fix... perhaps that occurred.  My entire
> > patch never got applied for some reason, perhaps that is the problem
> > well.  The rest of the patch added some ranking logic that (for me
> > anyway) made the searches a lot more successful.
> Did I not apply all of it?  Hmm..  Got a url for the bits I didn't?
> Isaac

You patched the change I made to allow detection/following of redirects,
but I think you were holding off on the ranking changes I made because a
release was pending or something.  

Both patches are at:

I'm pretty sure the ranking one needs to be reworked because of the new
keybindings system (I was using different key's to implement two
different search methods).  I should probably instead make the selection
based on a database setting or something.

At any rate, I'll re-post the patch after I get the chance to fix
whatever is currently wrong with the IMDB lookups.  I just reinstalled
my system to FC1 linux and am currently trying to come up to speed on
creating packages.  I would like to be able to package the dev builds I
do off of CVS so that I can install/remove them easily to change
versions.  Is there any documentation on this?  Perhaps there is an
easier approach.


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