[mythtv-users] Assigning images to movies in mythvideo.

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Thu Jan 15 18:26:23 EST 2004

tor, 2004-01-15 kl. 18:48 skrev Joseph A. Caputo:
> On Thursday 15 January 2004 12:33, Martin Moeller wrote:
[assigning images manually to movies via mythvideos own interface]
> >
> > Should the image be named the same as the file (sans extention, i.e.
> > Madeline.avi -> Madeline.jpg?).
> Due to a quirk in Qt, ".jpg" is not a valid image extension.  Try 
> ".jpeg" instead.
That was it. Probably worthy of an entry in the README :)
Actually, the README doesn't even mention that you can place images in
the same catalog as the movie and choose between them. Originally when
this feature was added, I got the impression that it would automatically
pick up the images as soon as it saw there were none assigned to the
movie already. Apparently that is not quite true. It will if you have
placed the image there *before* you go to IMDB (I hadn't), otherwise it
doesn't really care before you bring up the cover art selector...

Dave wrote me off-list also, saying you were right (which, as it turned
out, is right). I would have replied sooner but I had a minor network
outage that prevented this.

Thank you for the help.
> Though I thought someone had circumvented that problem... oh, well, give 
> it a try anyway.
> -JAC
Martin Moeller <martin at martinm-76.dk>

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