[mythtv-users] Re:Re: Recommended Remote Controls?

John F DeLuca mythtv at johnfdeluca.com
Thu Jan 15 17:59:45 EST 2004

Jarod wrote:
> Since you're compiling and installing from source, you definitely 
*don't* want to also install the rpms. Having both > on your system could 
lead to problems (wronng version getting executed, apt-get dist-upgrade 
nuking some of your
> source-based install stuff, etc). 

Thanks Jarod....good to know.

If anyone is interested in using the Tivo Remote / Setting up the 
Streamzap remote receiver, I've documented my steps here:  

Note, the steps include the lircd.conf file, the lircrc file, the 
streamzap cvs and diff patch, and a customized keybindings for Tivo remote 
(based on the lircrc).  I posted this file to ease the re-install process 
should I ever need to start from scratch.....beware, if you use it, it 
makes assumptions about what devices are present (such as Tivo remote, 
Snapstream IR Reciever, etc.)

If anyone knows how to leverage Tivo's DVR 1/2 switch with lirc, I'd love 
to know as it could double my button capacity.  I tried irrecord but with 
no luck.

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