[mythtv-users] MythVideo IMDB lookup fails (Myth 0.13, Debian unstable)

Magnus Ihse magnus at ihse.net
Thu Jan 15 11:33:37 EST 2004

I've installed Matt's Debian unstable packages on my Debian testing 
computer. However, I can't get MythVideo to look up anything on IMDB. 
Regardless of the filename, whenever I try to look up a file 
automatically, nothing is returned and I'm offered just to manually 
enter the IMDB number. This works fine, but too unpractical to use for 
all my movies.

I've seen a few posts in the archive mentioning this kind of problem, 
but most of them ended with something like "now with 0.13 it works 
fine", which doesn't help me.

Any ideas, anyone?


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