[mythtv-users] Xv and PVR-350 TV-out

Keith Davey mush_keithd at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 15 07:41:47 EST 2004


I've been looking at the same problem on another thread.

What version of IVTV and MythTv are you using. I didn't have the problem
yesterday but then I upgraded to MythTv cvs and Ivtv 0.19.

If you look at the output of mythfrontend you will see an error 
something like this when you switch
to live tv:
* Couldn't find Xv support, falling back to non-Xv mode.
* MythTv performance will be much slower since color
* conversion and scaling will be done in software.
* Consider upgrading your video card or X server if
* you would like better performace.

If I run xvinfo I get
X-Video Extensions 2.2
Screen #0
: no adapters present

That should list a load of information about the cards present.

So I think it looks like its an IVTV problem


Thomas Rokamp wrote:

>Ok - let me just get one thing cleared...
>When I use the TV-out on the PVR-350 and playback is choppy 
>(frameskipping?)... Can it possibly be Xv-related?
>I don't know if my normal vga-card is Xv-capable, but as I understand 
>it, I don't have to bother as I use the TV-out on PVR-350??
>Or did I just miss something?
>Then - IF the choppyness has something to do with Xv... How do I fix it?
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