[mythtv-users] Greetings All

David Rees drees at greenhydrant.com
Thu Jan 15 03:34:03 EST 2004

Jim Hribnak wrote, On 1/14/2004 10:11 PM:
> 1) when I record I get no sound (do I have to plug the Hauppauge into a
> sound card?)

If you are using the tuner, it automatically encodes the sound intot he 
stream.  If you are using the composite or svidio input, make sure 
you've got the sound input going in.

> 4) How is the 350's TV out drivers?

It works for some people, doesn't work that well for others.  The next 
release of MythTV will have much better support for the 350's TV out. 
You'll also want to grab the latest release of the ivtv drivers (0.1.9) 
for now as well.


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