[mythtv-users] TV schedules that are a minute off

Paul Thompson captbunzo at squirrelmail.org
Wed Jan 14 14:52:38 EST 2004

David Brieck Jr. wrote:
> The solution seems pretty simple. Round times up to the nearest 5
> minutes. I think this is probably a xmltv issue. I'd had to look around,
> but you could probably accomplish this with a simple SQL query run via a
> cron after your mythfilldatabase cron.

Or, the way I solved it. Go into scheduled recordings in mythfrontend. 
Select the offending recording. Go into recording advanced settings. Set 
  the "start recording X minutes early" (don't remember the exact name) 
option to -1.

This has solved all of my problems with this issue. Of course, it is a 
case by case fix. The above (5 minute rounding) solution would require 
less user interaction. But my solution is, perhaps, easier.

On the other hand...

My setup (Debian Myth packages) has cron running sometime early each 
morning to run mythfilldatabase. I could see very easily altering that 
script to run the mysql to round all program start and end settings to 
five minute intervals. In fact, I think I will probably do that. :)

If you like, I'll post the code when I am done.

Paul Joseph Thompson
captbunzo at squirrelmail.org
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