[mythtv-users] Xbox overscan work around

Dennis Cartier pvr at trigger.net
Wed Jan 14 07:20:44 EST 2004

Hi Bruce,

Bruce wrote:

> Hi Dennis,
> That fix worked for me.However, I notice quite a bit of difference in the
> quality of the picture. It is definitely not as clear as before.
> Did you notice this? It looks as if it was compressed to mpeg2 and has some
> faint snow. Thats what it reminds me of.

I was wondering about that. I could not quite put my finger on it, but 
now that you mentioned it, yes I did notice a difference. I was not sure 
  though, it almost seemed like I could discern the horizontal lines 
more after the change. After I watched a couple of shows, I guess I have 
grown accustomed to it as I can no longer notice it anymore.

It must be a result of the TV encoder chip leaving artifacts. I wonder 
if trying to keeping the perspective of overscan in check will have any 
effect. I am using 6.0 and 6.0, but perhaps this is causing some sort of 
resonance pattern after the adjustment. I would have thought that equal 
X and Y adjustment would have kept the 4:3 ratio, but I will have to 
experiment with other values.


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