[mythtv-users] XBox, Xebian, MythTV problems

Martin Ebner martinebner at gmx.at
Wed Jan 14 03:21:33 EST 2004


here is a status report

> 1) autologin xdm
> There is not very much helpfull information when i search google for xdm
> autologin. I found a site where gdm is recommended for this issue.
> Anybody solved this?
Solved by using gdm!

> 2) DVD remote
> MythTV (or Linux) does not stop to repeat the button if i release it on
> the remote. This means when i change a channel (by "channel up" command)
> MythTV cycles through the channel until it crashes. I crashed my mysql
> database the last time :-(
Dennis gave me a  hint where to find the patches. I'll give it a try.

> 3) long boot time
> Xebian takes a long time especially for USB sync on boot. Does anybody
> know how to make it faster?
I'll ask on the xbox-linux mailing list :-)

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