[mythtv-users] Mpeg Encoder card

Jeff Mottishaw jmot at mottie.com
Wed Jan 14 02:13:54 EST 2004

No.. Was saying I bought a WinTV-D and "I happen to have an mpeg encoder
card"  two different cards.. 

The cpu is pegged whenever I watch live tv.. So I was wondering if there
was a way to use the encoder card that I have..

Think I may just bite the bullet and buy a PVR-250 off ebay and
hopefully get a decent price for my WinTV-D

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Quoting Jeff Mottishaw <jmot at mottie.com>:

> Hello all, I'm hoping someone can help out the ignorant (myself)
> I made an uneducated purchase a while back of a WinTV-D rather than 
> purchasing a PVR-250/350 (to my credit I got a really good deal)
> I happen to have an mpeg encoder card.. is it possible to use the 
> tuner functionality of the WinTV-D card, and utilize the MPEG encoder 
> card as well?
> The way I understand it I would have to use the Composite input on the

> MPEG encoder card (which would make using the Tuner Impossible) , but 
> then again I just inherited this card, and know nothing about its 
> workings...
You mean to have the WinTV-D capture and then a seperate MPEG encoder
card do the compression?  (I.E. you've added a PVR-x50 or similar card,
or is it one of those MPEG encoder cards used for video editing

If you're referring to the WinTV-D as the MPEG encoder card, I don't
think that's possible.  IIRC the WinTV-D is basically a BTTV card that
also has an ATSC demodulator on it, no compression capability.  (Similar
to the pcHDTV - I wonder if someone would be able to port the pcHDTV
drivers over to the WinTV-D.  Guess it depends on if they use the same
ATSC demodulator or a different one.)

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