[mythtv-users] Freeze after changing channel

Bavo De Ridder bavo.deridder at latte.be
Tue Jan 13 17:09:33 EST 2004


I have been able to get playback somehow stable by disabling APIC and ACPI in 
the bios and kernel. I still get DMA lines in /var/log/messages but not as 
often as before and not with any consequence.

When wachting Live TV, I switch channels using the IR remote. This very often 
results in a dropped framerate (< 2fps) and sometimes in a freeze of the 
frontend. Restarting the frontend solves the problem each time. There has 
never been a need to restart the backend or reboot the entire system. Just 
restarting the frontend solves the problem.

I assume this is some race/performance problem but what can I do or what can I 
expect in the near future?

Currently I hesitate to switch channels while watching tv (not nice if it 
happens to be some boring show) out of fear of mythfrontend freezing. 
Browsing across 10 channels, means 6 or 8 times restarting the mythfrontend.

Bavo De Ridder

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