[mythtv-users] How do you hook up the sound with two capture cards?

michael brown spam-me at houston.rr.com
Mon Jan 12 17:14:24 EST 2004

From: "Malcolm"

> I have a PVR-250 right now and the audio is connected to the line in
on my
> sb-live.  When I get my PVR-350 in the near future how am I going to
hook up
> its sound?  My sb-live only has one Line In and my 250 doesn't have
> sound ins that I can tell for daisy chaining.

I have a PVR-250 and the only audio jack it has is an input not an
output.  It's used when you are feeding an s-video signal to the video
input as s-video doesn't have any audio.  The PVR-250 captures straight
to MPEG-2 format which contains embedded audio.  IOW, you don't have
anything to worry about as each card will embed the proper audio into
the capture stream, and you should remove the jumper going to your
sblive as it is connecting two input jacks together.

michael brown

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