[mythtv-users] Nuvexport settings?

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 12 22:33:36 EST 2004

On Monday 12 January 2004 13:06, Scott Pouliot wrote:
> I'm trying to use nuvexport for the first time to archive a few sports
> recordings I taped.  I've run a few exports to VCD and SVCD, but the quality
> really stinks.  Does anyone have any recommended settings for the export?
> Or maybe a recommended format?
> My goal is to archive these to Video CD's so I can play them in my DVD
> Player if I so choose.  My default recording profile is set to a bitrate of
> 4500 with a max of 6000 (the standard settings, I never changed them after
> the install)....and that quality looks fine for me.  The export seems to
> take FOREVER (on a 933) and the quality is @ 40% of the original.  Any way
> to pump it up without blowing up the filesize beyond what would fit on a
> single CD?
> Ideally, I want to bring these vids over to my Windows machine and use Adobe
> Premier to doctor them up.....cut them together....etc etc etc.  But in
> order to do that...I need a decent quality MPG or AVI to start with.  I even
> tried DivX and that wasn't much better.  
> I'm a newbie to both MythTV as well as nuvexport, so I'm hoping some of the
> seasoned vets can lend me a hand here.  Possibly a setting within MythTV
> itself that could be screwing up the quality...not too sure.
> My Hardware specs:
> Dell Dimension 4100 (P-III 933)
> 384MB RAM
> 20GB Drive (with a 160GB I need to install)
> PVR-250 Tuner
> nVidia 32MB Card (with no TV Out)
> This is a test bed machine to kind of do a "proof on concept" to see if I
> can make this easy enough for my girlfriend to use so I can sell off our
> Tivo  ;-)  So far I'm pretty impressed.  The work on this project is
> definitely excellent!

If you have a PVR-250, why do you need nuvexport?  Can't you just set up your 
profile to record 480x480 at 2500bps MPEG-2 w/44.1 kHz audio?  Unless you want 
to cut the commercials out; then you need nuvexport, but I don't know if you 
can do that yet without reencoding... code has been going into CVS lately to 
support MPEG-1/2 cutting without reencoding, but I haven't really been 
tracking it, since I haven't installed my M-179s yet :-)


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