[mythtv-users] M179 Problem / Jarod's Fedora Guide

Emlyn.Bolton at nokia.com Emlyn.Bolton at nokia.com
Mon Jan 12 19:26:10 EST 2004

I think I had the same problem with the static.  

What I found out was I forgot to add bt848 support to my kernel, so the tuner module didn't get built and hence ivtv couldn't tune the card to the right channel.

Once I'd recompiled the kernel, it was fine.


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I tried switching to ntsc-cable-hrc and quite a few of the other ntsc
frequency tables.  None of them do the trick.  The default ntsc-cable
and ntsc-cable-hrc do show differences in the static produced, but the
image (if it can be called that) does not differ at all.  I thought you
hit the nail on the head when you suggested this, but it doesn't seem to
work.  I've changed it both through ptune.pl and the myth configuration.

Other suggestions would be appreciated, although I probably won't try
anything else tonight.  I may try compiling ivtv from source although
this did not work at all last time I tried under KnoppMyth.

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