[mythtv-users] Mplayer or Xine

James Colannino email2jamez at dslextreme.com
Mon Jan 12 14:25:52 EST 2004

Simon at the Threshold wrote:

> DBakker at arrayasolutions.com wrote:
>> This isnt exactly myth related but it kinda is. What does everyone 
>> use with mythvideo? I see the deault is mplayer but Im a xine guy 
>> myself. Last I looked the DVD playback support in mplayer was bad. 
>> Any thoughts? 
> I recently bought a dvb drive for my mythtv-box and I found three X11 
> programs that support dvd. Mplayer, ogle and xine, my own personal 
> perference was xine as it has quite a lot of extras and was pretty 
> easy to build with both dvb and dvd support.
> Fotunatly mythtv is a breeze to configure for any of them..
> Simon 

I've heard talk about people using Xine instead of mplayer for playback 
of DVD's and was wondering how one would configure MythTV to use it.  I 
would love to be able to access the menu's from my DVD's and would 
welcome any help anyone could give :)  By the way, does anyone know if 
it's possible to use Xine as the backend for MythVideo as well as MythDVD?


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