[mythtv-users] [mythtv] Losing buffered TV in Live mode(featurerequest)

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Mon Jan 12 06:15:42 EST 2004

> Just wanted to second this. This has also happened to me many times.

It occurs for me in a slightly different way.  Could be a config problem...?  Basically, whenever the scheduler decides that it is time to record something it uses tuner 1, even if that is being used for live tv...  This means you get a popup menu asking you to switch and watch the recording, or cancel the recording.  Annoying if you are halfway through watching something in delayed viewing mode.  Quiting live tv and then coming back in shows that the second tuner is actually working though

I get this with 2 DVB cards.  Anyone see this with analogue cards?


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