[mythtv-users] [mythtv] Losing buffered TV in Live mode (feature request)

Tyler Drake mythpcjabber at ec.rr.com
Sun Jan 11 13:17:37 EST 2004

Can we add functionality, so that when you change a channel while watching
live, and you are behind live, Myth pops up a menu, asking for confirmation,
to lose X time in live?  If you don't understand, let me give an example:

I'm on channel 61.  I have it paused for 2 hours, off to do other things.  I
come back, and unpause it, then try to (stupidly) use the
up-arrow/down-arrow to skip/go back 10 mins.  Instead, I change the channel,
and lose all my buffered TV. 

This has happened (my fault) many, many times, and I want to stop it.  I
would be willing to help write code, (when I learn C++ again =).


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