[mythtv-users] Channel zapping and the WAF

Tobias Luetke tobi at neech.de
Sun Jan 11 15:12:24 EST 2004

Now where the mythbox is nearing completion running on
a nifty athlon 2000xp under gentoo in a beautiful Antec overture 
chassis, powered by the latest bits the cvs could hand me over in case 
of ivtv, lirc, alsa and of cause mythtv including all its wonderful 
plugins and david engel's latest patches to make the PVR350 (yes i'm 
using its tvout)  behave oh so much better, I'm still concerned with 
minor nuances.

The much quoted WAF ( Whife acceptance factor ).

Point1) Zapping. I know that the whole point of the mythbox is to get 
rid of stupid zapping. However since we are used to cabletv the mythbox 
channel change speed decreases drastically with the mythbox. After the 
signal is send the channel switches and then the first picture of the 
new channel freezes for 2-5 seconds. Is this normal behavior or are 
there any tweaks i can perform ? Because i know for fact that this will 
cause concern until the other advantages of the mythbox become more 

Point2) Is there a way to get a TV to just display the SVHS input after 
turning on? Turning on the TV with one remote and navigating to the 
right video channel, then switching remotes is going to be old really fast.

Either way, thanks to everyone who contributed to this project, its 

P.S: is it possible to run X on both tv and monitor at the same time ? 
any pointers ?

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