[mythtv-users] How do I compile ivtv cvs latest

Tim Wilhoit timwilhoit at cox-internet.com
Sat Jan 10 12:20:10 EST 2004

Ok thanks Jarod.  I did follow that faq and I did a compile but I got
some i2c errors which I later found are supposedly normal.  But now my
machine is hanging during startup up when it loads the ivtv module  :(
Now I have to go figure out how to keep it from loading that module so I
can boot the box up and recompile the ivtv module.  Its tough being a
linux newbie  :)

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On Jan 10, 2004, at 00:30, Dan Berger wrote:

> Are you sure you read the IVTV FAQ completely?
> http://ivtv.writeme.ch/tiki-view_faq.php?faqId=1#q11

I just did a manual compile of 0.1.7 (to patch in M179 support), and 
had to make one change to the Makefile that I haven't seen in the FAQ 
(but I might have missed it...). Rather than uncommenting:


You need to add:


Then its just like the FAQ says.

> 	From: Tim Wilhoit
> 	I have followed Jarrods guide to this point.  I am having a
> with a message that says "kernel: spurious 8259A interrupt: IRQ7" when

> I try
> to dd an mpeg out.  According to the IVTV list there is a potential 
> fix for
> this that is in the latest CVS as of about 3 days ago.  It doesn't 
> look like
> the apt rpms have been updated yet and I really don't know how often 
> that
> happens.  I have never compiled anything and want to compile the new 
> drivers into my build and see if it fixes my tv-out problems.  Can 
> anyone
> give me some pointers on how to accomplish this?  I have tried the ivt

> faq's
> and some general ones around the net but have been unsuccessful so

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE

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