[mythtv-users] Black screen through mythtv

Tobias Luetke tobi at neech.de
Sat Jan 10 12:04:33 EST 2004

Torsten Schenkel wrote:

> Am Sa, den 10.01.2004 schrieb Tobias Luetke um 06:47:
>>I have been tinkering around with a new PVR 350 and the ivtv drivers.
>>Installation was fairly straight forward, cat /dev/video0 > bla.mpg 
>>yields a perfect picture.
>>However for whatever reason i cannot get mythtv to work together with 
>>the ivtv driver. I tryed every input in the list ( and always bound my 
>>provider to it before trying ).
>>I have tryed it with mythtv 1.3 (release +patch) and cvs latest, i also 
>>switched back and forth between ivtv 0.17 and cvs latest.
>>I'm sure i'm missing something obvious, ivtv is clearly doing its job as 
>>  cat on /dev/video0 shows.
> My guess is you're not telling myth that you have the mpeg2-encoder card
> and myth assumes a v4l card. Look in mythtvsetup and check the card
> setting, make sure you select mpeg2-encoder from the drop-down list.
> Torsten

I just double checked, no the input device is set to MPEG. But im 
starting to think that you might be pointing at something,
if i lsmod i see the bttv driver loaded. Maybe devfs loads this module 
once myth trys to access /dev/video0 ?
Either way after myth doesn't work i can still get mpeg video with cat 
into a file so nothing seems to be messed up.

I just don't get it :(

( i tryed kernel 2.4.20 and 2.4.24 now and it gives me same behaviour )

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