[mythtv-users] Sound problems with ECS K7VTA3 Mobo + PVR250 likely for sale

Graham Wheeler gram at bradygirl.com
Sat Jan 10 03:00:44 EST 2004

HI all


I just upgraded the CPU and mobo on the PC I'm using for Myth to a ECS
K7VTA3 mobo and XP2000+ (previously I had an ECS K7S5A and XP1800+).
MythTV is no longer working and the problem seems to be the sound
hardware. The system log is full of messages along the lines of:


Intel ICH soundcard not found or device busy


I'm no Linux expert (a FreeBSD user dabbling with Linux because of Myth)
so I'm not sure whether this is because the hardware is unsupported or
whether it might be a kernel module that is wrong (I used KnoppMyth so
the hardware was pretty much set up for me automagically). Does anyone
have any suggestions other than reinstalling from KnoppMyth CD?


On a different note, I bought a new Hauppauge PVR 250 card about two
weeks for Myth, but have now decided to jump in the deep end and ordered
a Asus Digimatrix box. If I can get that to work with Myth I will be
selling the Hauppauge card; hopefully I'll know the state of things in
about ten days. If you think you may be interested in buying this card
off me send me mail; else I will be listing it on eBay.


Obviously I will post the results of my successes or otherwise with the
DigiMatrix on this list as I'm sure lots of people are interested. I'm
sure I'm going to need help anyway!





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