[mythtv-users] MythMusic can't play audio CDs

Steven Sivek ssivek at MIT.EDU
Fri Jan 9 16:37:57 EST 2004

I've installed MythTV 0.13 and a bunch of related components on my
Slackware 9.1 system with Linux 2.4.22 over the past few days, and
virtually everything seems to be working well except for MythMusic's
CD-handling abilities.

Basically, I installed MythMusic 0.13, along with all of the required
libraries (including libcdaudio version 0.99.9 and cdparanoia III 9.8),
and it can recognize CDs well enough to download track information, but
when I try to import a CD from my CD-ROM drive (on /dev/cdrom, which is
linked to /dev/sr1 because I'm using SCSI emulation), it runs through each
track at an impossibly fast speed and leaves me with a bunch of 0:00 Ogg
Vorbis files.  I haven't changed any of the music settings except for the
default rip quality, and I've made sure I have permission to read
/dev/sr1, so I'm not sure where this is failing.  A similar thing happens
when I try to add tracks from a CD to the active play queue - it knows
what each track should be but can't seem to actually find the music and
play it.

This shouldn't be a problem with my CD-ROM drive, since MythMusic is still
able to get track information and since I can play audio CDs without any
trouble using xmcd or alsaplayer.  I haven't been able to find any
information about this problem, though, so hopefully someone else has
dealt with this before.

Another (possibly related?) error seems to show up a lot when I try to
look at MythMusic playlists - it gives me the error message "playlist.o:
Hey! I can't load playlists if you don't give me a hostname!".  I've made
sure the hostname is set properly in mysql.txt, so that none of the other
MythTV components complain about hostname issues (as MythWeb originally
did when trying to access the MySQL database), but the musicplaylist table
is still getting filled with entries whose hostname is NULL by default;
what else do I have to change to fix this?

Steven Sivek

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