[mythtv-users] Help:Simple transmitter

Stuart Felenstein stuart4m at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 9 03:13:46 EST 2004

I've put together the simple transmitter.  The problem is the it's not being detected.  After a few tries I figured better check the serial port , so yes its still functional.

I'm not sure where it's not wired correctly, but my concern is witht he db9 shell.  From what I gleamed (and I tried both) , from behind where the wire get soldered onto the shell, 4 & 5 (top right pins), 4 is DTR and 5 is ground.  I am using 9 wire cable (that's what the electronics store had available).  Since it's all color coded I and I figured all equal, I chose black for ground and yellow for dtr.  The rest obviously remain unconnected.

I have configured Lirc, Home brew transmitter, correct irq and io, and loaded the drivers, started lircd.  Nada.

Any ideas?



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